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When You’re In The Spotlight

Flexible lighting solutions that make all the difference

Lighting a stage that ensures your presenters are captured as favourably as possible by photographers and TV cameras can be tricky. VVC can take care of stage lighting for you so when you arrive to speak, the stage will already be set with beautiful, effective stage lighting that will look great live, in print, or online.

Stress-free stage lighting that helps you stand out. Every time.

Lighting services for any event or occasion

The old saying is true: “The first rule of theatre is lighting.” It’s even more important when still photography and TV cameras are involved. No matter what the lighting situation is in the room or outdoor setting, VVC strives to make your presenters look their best.

We also offer different styles of lighting to achieve the right effect that will enhance your event setting. Our lighting technicians can use lighting to complement and add colour to a room, create a mood, or brighten the podium.

We can also add glitz to your event with moving lights and flashing colours, or use one single light to reduce the shadows on a sunny day. Rain or shine, we’ll make sure you’re always in the best possible light.

With VVC, our lighting will help you and your event look picture-perfect.

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