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Whether your broadcast is to the general public, or by invitation only, you want everything to go smoothly and without interruption. We’ll set up and handle the entire webcast production for you, so you can worry less about the technical side and focus more on delivering your message.

Do what you do best, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Live EVENT Webcasting

Live event webcasting has revolutionized the way we connect and interact to an audience.  Through webcasting, people who can’t attend your event in person can still watch and participate with a few simple mouse clicks.

This saves travel time and additional expenses for employees, partners, and other stakeholders.  Invite as many viewers as you want, or keep it intimate with just a select number of participants.  Either way, VVC can help you host a seamless live webcast that’s the next best thing to interacting with your audience in person.

Web Video Announcements

When a video news release is more convenient than holding a live news conference, we work with you to create a web-ready video announcement that can be shared with relevant media outlets and social media streams.  The announcement contains a link to your live webcast which viewers can click to watch your announcement in real time.

VVC can also work with you to develop, produce, and edit together a short, high-resolution broadcast-quality video to send to media outlets in support of your announcement.  These short videos can have greater impact, reach, and longevity than sending out a standard print press release.  A link to video b-roll can also be included with the announcement.

One Step Further

Edited Web Video Clips

VVC also offers edited web video clips of announcements and events that capture your key messaging in a shorter format, with cutaway and b-roll shots edited in. Think of it as your webcast’s “greatest hits” package!

This format works best when the presenter is doing a walking tour of a facility pre- or post-announcement, which is filmed by our VVC camera crew as b-roll footage and later cleanly edited into the podium footage of your main announcement.

The end result is a compelling 1 – 2 minute clip of your webcast, the perfect length for online or mobile viewing.

Easy Archive Access

For audience members who couldn’t attend your live webcast, we archive the video so they can access it at their convenience.  Simply send them the link and they’ll be able to watch the broadcast with one easy click.  VVC provides web-stats upon request.

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