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With VVC behind your news event, you just have to show up and speak

Facing the press can be a stressful experience for individuals and organizations at the best of times. There’s a lot to worry about, including lights, camera, sound, and set dressing, when all you really want to do is concentrate on your message.

That’s where VVC comes in. We’ll take care of all of those details for you, including set-up and take-down. We will face the Media together.

Fully-Managed News Events

“You can’t control what the media says, but at least you can control what they see and hear,” – Burke Van Valkenburg Sr., Founder, Van Valkenburg Communications

Since 1976, we’ve specialized in staging news and press conferences involving government officials, business leaders, and the news media. That’s why VVC developed managed news events, to take the pressure off you so you can concentrate on your message.

We take care of everything, including setting up audio pool feeds, proper lighting, and staging elements such as drapes, signage, and flags. Our managed news events give the working media everything they need to cover your story, while creating a buffer so that organizations and spokespeople have breathing room and can address the audience without worry.

Whether your event is indoors or out, you can always count on VVC to bring expertise and comfort to your next news conference or high- profile event.

Timely Event Video Webcasting:

In this world of instant information, social media consumers are hungry to get fresh content faster than ever before, however, many organizations struggle to compile their event content for online distribution before the buzz wears off.

To help organizations get their message out faster, we’ve developed, our innovative news website that provides live and archived video webcast links of announcements and news events we stage.

With, you can now have your event content distributed quickly to stakeholders, the media, and the public, all with no extra effort on your part. Holding press conferences and handling media distribution couldn’t be any easier than with VVC and

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